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        Aluminum alloy casting under low pressure
        Aluminum alloy casting under low pressure
        Aluminum alloy casting mould
        About us

        Xiangshan Chuangyi Metal Products Co., Ltd. is located in Daxu Industrial Zone by the side of Xiangshan Port with beautiful sea view and rich products. It is close to the high-speed connecting line and has convenient transportation to Ningbo in half an hour. The company is a professional non-ferrous metal casting, mold design and development, processing as one of the enterprises, covers an area of more than 20 acres, construction area of more than 10,000 square meters.


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        Service hotline:0574-65631678


        To build a high precision non ferrous metal foundry enterprise

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        • Functional analysis...

          First choose the appropriate material according to the OEM color, and then determine the best ratio according to the characteristics of the material, make the s...


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        contact:13906600566 (Mr.CAI)


        Address: No. 215, Dongzhao Road, Daxu Industrial Zone, Xiangshan, Ningbo

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